The Details

While it’s too late to be a part of Love Dallas 2016, it’s not too late to be a part of this movement. Love DFW is coming in March of 2018. Please keep watching for details and updates and follow us on social media. Also, please consider sewing into the Firebase Movement in the DFW area by visiting our Give page and making a contribution.

Also check out The Firebase Movement to get involved in what God is doing all over the nation.




  • The marriage of the Great Commandments (to love God and love people) and the Great Commission (to preach the gospel and make disciples)
  • Church Reformation: to become a more biblical church expression. What matters isn’t only what the lost are being saved out of, but also what they’re being saved into (a vibrant Acts 2-type church). In other words, it’s not enough to get people “saved”, we need to become true disciples that make disciples out of them.


December 3rd to 10th of 2016, was an amazing opportunity to unify the body of Christ in Dallas, TX (as well as volunteers from across the nation) to light a fire of prayer & worship, while simultaneously sending out evangelism teams to every neighborhood throughout the City. We labored in prayer and evangelism around the clock (in shifts) for the whole week. Why? Because Jesus is worthy to receive continuous adoration and proclamation!

Firebase events are not just a typical Christian event, this is the church living out the Bible in real time. We have been privileged to participate in many of these events all over the nation, where hundreds of ministries unite for the work of the harvest. At Love New York alone, thousands heard the message of the Gospel and were prayed for, and there were around 400 salvations!

Love Dallas Main Event Details


The Firebase is a city wide altar for 7 days straight, that will burn  24/7 prayer and  worship nonstop. For 2016, our Firebase was Storehouse Church: Dallas House of Prayer located near the Galleria Mall.


Outreaches are launched from the Firebase in 6-hour shifts. Here is the breakdown of what the 6-hour outreaches look like, broken down into minutes.



30 minutes

During this time, the leader will make sure everyone is signed in, provide the team with their contact information and the particular details of the outreach, such as the spiritual strategy, neighborhood demographics, and meetup time(s) and location(s). The team leader might also ask messengers to choose outreach partners at this time.

Prayer Room

2 hours

This is where the real battle begins. (Ephesians 6:12) We will join the intercessors and seek God’s face. We will ask for His presence and guidance on the outreach. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, because you can’t give out what you don’t have.


30 minutes

Most outreach destinations are within 30 minutes away from the Firebase by transit. Usually, while traveling via DART and/or Vans, a person with a guitar might play a worship song, while everyone else sings. Between songs, one person can be designated to share aloud the gospel and/or their testimony, while everyone else disperses in the bus or train car and talks with people one-to-one.


2 hours

This is where the boots hit the pavement. We will be sharing the gospel in various neighborhoods in the City. Usually, the team will gather and worship at the beginning. Teams will then break off into groups of at least 2, and share the gospel however the Spirit leads.


30 minutes

Everyone will meet back at the location designated by the outreach leader, and travel back to the firebase together.


30 minutes

Messengers will share testimonies of what happened on the outreach. Some of the testimonies might be filmed and posted to social media.

Outreach Schedule

Below are the outreaches for Love Dallas. After our consecration service we held a mass outreach in target areas and people groups of Dallas.

There were many venues, sure to fit anyone’s schedule, personality, heart, and gifting. All outreaches have 2 leaders that are seasoned evangelists, and you had opportunity to partner up according to experience level, or lack thereof. We went as groups to the designated areas, and then in small groups or 2×2 while on location. We supply evangelistic materials to use during outreach.

Info to come!

Please note there are outreaches designed to be kid friendly and ones designed for adults only. Parents were able to bring older kids/tweens/teens etc. on daytime outreaches in safer areas. We do not allow teens, or especially children, on overnight, brothels or specific night club outreaches. No childcare is provided at the Firebase for attendees.