Love Dallas 24/7 Intercessor Registration

Love Dallas was birthed out of the burning heart of God for day and night intimacy and mission. God wants us to know Him and spend time with Him (intimacy) and out of the overflow of knowing who He is and who we are to pour ourselves out to our neighbors and cities (mission).

This is a divine experience of the marriage of the Great Commandments (to love God and to love people) and the Great Commission (to preach the gospel and make disciples). Welcome to the firebase.

For 7 days (starting September 9th, 2018) the Firebase is going to be ablaze with 24 hour worship and prayer and from that furnace of corporate intimacy, messengers are going to be sent forth filled with power to testify about Jesus all over Dallas,TX.

Love Dallas will launch with a large worship event on Saturday, September 8th at 6pm, then be sent out to 7 different sectors of Dallas. That night starting at midnight we will burn 24/7 for Him and to make Him known for 7 days. Welcome to revival!

Come and be part of history. Both you and Dallas will never be the same.

After your registration has been verified we will start sending you prayer points for this outreach. You commit to bringing these needs before the Lord in prayer. We are asking each worker to have 3-5 intercessors committed to praying for them. We encourage everyone who is participating in Love Dallas whether as a worker or intercessor to consider giving a donation to help with the expenses of the outreach.  You can donate on the Give page on the website.